ESGLD 2017

From 09/13/2017 to 09/17/2017

Valpré - 1 Chemin de Chalin, 69130 Écully


Information about oral presentation:
To keep on schedule, we will use only one laptop. Please come with your presentation (with your name included in the title) on a USB. You are invited to transfer your presentation from the USB to a dedicated folder on the laptop between 08:00 and 08:30 for morning sessions , 13:30 and 14:00 for the "Diagnosis and clinical studies" session (Saturday 16th) and 17:30 and 18:00 for the "Lysosomal channels and transporters" session (Friday 15th). All files will be deleted from the computer after each session.
The laptop is a PC (HP). Software installed on the PC is MS Office 2010 and Adobe Reader.

Information about poster presentations:
Poster should be A0 & portrait.

Abstracts Submission

- All abstracts should be submitted electronically by the deadline of July 17th.

- The presenter's name should be underlined and his/her e-mail informed

- Your choice between "oral communication or poster" and "poster only" should be indicated.
          ☐ Oral communication or poster             ☐ Poster only

- The outcome for selection as oral communication or poster will be communicated to the presenter before the end of July.

Instructions to authors:

The abstract should be submitted in Word format (preferably .docx). We strongly suggest that you download and use the proposed template (.dotx format). The presenting author's e-mail should be added on the abstract, after the list of affiliations.

1 - After the pre-registration (with the validation by email), select "My Abstract" on the personal menu.
2 - "Title" and "Authors" of the abstract
3 - Indicate - also on the abstract form - your choice between "oral or poster" or "poster only".
4 - Upload the final document saved as "last name of presenter.docx"

Note that you need to pre-register to access abstract submission
Presenting authors not older than 35 years of age should tick the box on the template to compete for the young scientist award.


The template has been prepared for A5 format [margins, in cm): upper, 1.8; lower 1.3; internal 2.2; external 1.3], with a left indent of 1.5 cm for Title, Authors and Affiliations.

Title: Arial font, size 9, lower case, bold , single spaced [Title of abstract…]
Authors: Arial, size 9, single spaced, with underlined presenting author [AuthorX A1, AuthorY AB1,2, AuthorZ1]
Affiliation(s): Arial, size 8, italics, single spaced [1Department of…, City, Country; 2Center for , City, Country]
Text of abstract: Calibri font, size 9, single-spaced. Maximum length (including eventual references): 2800 characters including spaces.
Style for eventual references:
1. Xu H et al (2015) Annu Rev Physiol 77:57-80

ESGLD 2017 Template