ESGLD 2017

Du 13/09/2017 au 17/09/2017

Valpré - 1 Chemin de Chalin, 69130 Écully

Keynote speakers biography

Lysosomal ion channels are essential for lysosomal physiology and are “hot spots” for treating Lysosome Storage Diseases. However, their functions and molecular identities remain largely unknown. Prof. Haoxing Xu (University of Michigan) has developed a unique research program in this field through the development of new patch-clamp methods and new imaging tools to directly study lysosomal channels. His lab made several breakthroughs, including the discovery of novel roles of the TRPML channels (‘mucolipin’) in lysosomal adaptation and membrane repair, and the identification of novel approaches for treating lysosomal diseases and muscular dystrophies.

Prof. Marc Tardieu (University Paris Sud) is an eminent pediatric neurologist who was in charge of the pediatric neurology department at Bicêtre Hospital (Paris Sud University) as well as an Inserm research department focused on neuroimmunology. He also heads a national referral Center on brain rare neuroinflammatory diseases. His research work brought major advances in pediatric neuroinflammatory diseases specifically in pediatric MS and acute demyelinating encephalomyelitis. He was a fervent advocate of clinical trials in children and succeeded in the establishment of the first clinical trial on pediatric MS recently. He has also been involved in the natural history of MPSIII in France and he is the principal investigator of two gene transfer trials focused on mucopolysaccharidoses type IIIB and IIIA.